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Parking Aid

Autocop offers a range of products that provide effective support during parking or tricky low speed manoeuvres. They help detect and view obstacles around your car using ultrasonic sensors and cameras, protecting your car from any collisions. So, go ahead and reverse your car with the same confidence that you drive; we will ensure you have eyes everywhere.

Autocop Trackpro

The high precision, state-of-art Distance Detection System uses ultrasonic radar technology to notify the driver precisely how far is the obstacle is behind the vehicle. It gives real-time obstacle distance display in metres, up to 2M. It also provides auditory input in the form of variable beeps or human voice instructions.

Autocop Trackpro Plus

Autocop Trackpro plus takes parking aid up a notch by providing a video-based graphic visual display to give you absolutely accurate information. Autocop Trackpro Plus gives real time electronically enhanced image of the rear of your vehicle, obstacle distance display in meters, and audible alerts while reversing the vehicle, giving you the ultimate rear protection.


  • Detection is activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged.
  • Exact Digital Distance Display.
  • Detect and Display distance : 0.2 to 2m
  • Stage-by-stage sound alert 1.2-2.0m : Mute, 0.9-1.2 : slow, 0.4-0.9 : rapid, 0.2-0.4 : continuous
  • System speaks out the Distance
  • LED bar graph indicates the proximity to the vehicle to obstacles on the left and the right.