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Autocop Window Roll-Up Module

The intelligent power window rollup module automatically rolls up and secures all your windows as soon as you lock your car with the remote control. The anti-pinch mechanism built in for safety senses any obstacle in the rollup path and immediately stops the rollup. The customized wire harnesses made specific to vehicles ensures that the warranty of vehicles remain intact as there is no wire cutting involved of the original vehicle wire harness. Moreover, it has been designed specially so that there are no loose connections left in the vehicle, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


  • 2 windows or 4 windows car power closing system.
  • The window will be closed automatically after locking doors.
  • Remote close windows when getting off your car.
  • Suitable for most of vehicles (vehicles triggered with +Ve or –Ve locking system).
  • Easy installation: wiring diagram included.
  • Safety & reliability.